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H4 Hi-Lo GEN4 LED Headlight Conversion Kit with 360 clock-able base Focus Optics and Medusa heat sinks - Lifetime Warranty and Patented

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Introducing the Race Sport® Lighting GEN4® LED Headlight Kit

Introducing the long-awaited Race Sport® Lighting GEN4 LED headlight kit. These kits are packed with patented features including a fan-less “rope” heat-sink design, “ratchet” style clock-able base, and the brightest output of an LED headlight kit our company has ever offered at a Rated 2,700lx/bulb or 5,400lx/kit. In Test Lab, the RAW Lux output @ 1ft is 3,502lx/bulb or 7,004lx/kit

The Lumen Rating of this product is Rated 3,000lm/bulb or 6,000lm/kit. In Test Lab, the RAW Lumen brightness is 3,165lm/bulb or 6,330lm/kit

Patented Fan-less “Rope” Heat-sink Design

Our patented (US patent 11,054,127; 10,801,714) fan-less “rope” design allows the GEN4® LED headlight kit to be installed where space is limited, and it also keeps the high-powered diodes cool. The copper “rope” heat-sinks can be manipulated to fit in the tightest compartments yet maintaining the correct about of heat dissipation to keep this kit performing day after day.

Patented 360° Clock-able Base

The GEN4® LED headlight’s 360° clock-able base allows for proper mounting orientation to maximize light output and deliver overall intended performance. Stop getting diminished light output due to the bulb not being positioned the way it was intended to be. The “ratchet” style base makes it simple to adjust the alignment of the base’s tabs. Just turn the base until the locking tabs are aligned with the opening on the headlight lens assembly.

Get Yours

The GEN4® LED Headlight from Race Sport Lighting means no loose fitment, no more aiming issues and no more loss of light output. End the frustration of complicated installs of LED headlight kits. The GEN4® LED Headlight kit is the kit you’ve been waiting. The kit includes canbus enabled voltage drivers to work with today's vehicles**

This Product boasts a 3-year warranty against any manufacturer defects.

US Patents Applied - 11,054,127; 10,801,714 ; 9,243,796 ; 9,995,473

**Canbus enabled drivers should not be confused with Canbus 'Decoders'. The canbus enabled drivers have updated circuitry that allows the GEN4® LED bulbs to operate at a higher LUX output on most can-bus vehicles, BUT there is some vehicles on the road with more intricate and advanced canbus systems that may still require a plug-n-play Canbus Decoder.

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